Compiling mp4 video


Is it possible to compile mp4 that will be launched from a menu?

I try to compile this, but it does not refocus:
Index.php (menu of videos)
Video01.php (page with tag </ video>)
Video02.php (page with tag </ video>)

Video files are not compiled in the exe and the menu links work but the videos are not displayed.

Thank you

ExeOutput 2 will handle HTML5 video playing properly but not in MP4 proprietary format: you’ll have to encode your files with codec available in the CEF engine.


And if I want to create an .exe menu to launch videos placed in an external folder, what code should I put in the links?
I tried with the instructions on this page :
But no one is launching the videos.

Thank you

It would be better to use HEScript for this.
Follow the same steps as on this page:

HTMLEXE and ExeOutput for PHP have the same HEScript engine, so you can exchange code :wink:

Is it possible, or will it be possible in future versions of Exe Output, to ‘add’ necessary codecs like mp3, aac, mp4, etc?

Running Chrome (latest) and cannot use the page(s) at

When trying to scroll, the page automatically returns to top. Can never read anything but what is on screen. Just thought you may like to know.

Really strange, could not reproduce with the latest Chrome…

My Chrome Version 55.0.2883.87 m

Here is what I see:

Do you have some plugins in your Chrome?

Sorry for late reply. Just had time to disable each chrome plugin and test page. No change, still does as shown in video above. Even tried incognito window and same experience.

Since no one s=else seems to have the issue, guess it is mute anyway. Was trying to help:)

Tested with Google Chrome portable (last build) and working fine. Really strange thing!