Complete Uninstall

I really want to use XML Padlock for my Excel application, but if it doesn’t work, I want to do a complete UNINSTALL of the product. I have read that it leaves some registry entry remnants and other debris when the standard Windows uninstall is used. Is there a document that shows the complete uninstall procedure that removes all traces of XML Padlock?

Where did you read that? The uninstall procedure will remove any trace by default, especially in registry!
Exception: project files that are in the same folder as your Excel files, and user preferences in this folder:
C:\Users[User Name]Roaming\GDG Software\XLS Padlock
You can safely remove the files inside that folder if you do not want to keep your preferences for XLS Padlock.

Thanks for your response. I may have read this regarding a very old version of XLS Padlock on some forum.
Thanks again.
Rich Locus