Component files are extracted even when not selected

I’m building a PB install file with three components: the first extracts files to c:\root\parent; the second extracts to c:\root\parent\child and the third extracts to c:\root\plot. None of the components are required to install. During installation, if the second or third component are selected to be installed from the components selection dialog, all the files in the first component are extracted too. I don’t understand why this is happening.

FYI, I am using the Store Path Information and Use Paths Relative To options on the Compression Options page.

Thanks for any help you can provide,


To close this topic: this bug is fixed in Paquet Builder 3.2 to be released in some days.

Thanks for your answer. I was able to work around this issue by 1) leaving the main component empty and marking it to not install and not ask users to install and 2) creating a new component with my parent files. With this change, the extraction worked correctly for the different components and it uninstalled correctly also.

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