Configuring a bundle product (XLS PADLOCK)

Would there be a way to configure a bundled product in workbooks.json?:
I have developed 5 executable products (excel/vba applications locked by xls padlock) and successfully deployed on my woocommerce site. Now I would like to create a bundle which, when purchased, allows the customer to receive these 5 products at the same time.
Since in workbooks.json each of products 1-5 have their own xlspadlockprivatekey and xlspadlockmasterkey, I can’t see how to code my bundled product to unlock all 5 products. Any ideas on how to proceed?

An order for multiple products can work. Each of your workbooks has its own activation URL such as
When the user enters their activation code in a given workbook application, the latter will query the server and retrieve its own information contained in the order and the workbooks.json. There is nothing in particular to do.

Ok thank you for the answer.