Connection to external server

The exe file generated by Exeoutput creates a nice stand-alone application, in my case with MySQL (formerly I was running all my PHP files on a local server XAMPP installation).

In addition, is it also possible to access either this exe file on the network server? Or better, with my local exe accessing MySQL on the network server or on the Internet (possibly with IPs like as for localhost, or 123.456.78.90 on the Internet) in the php script ?

Sure, your PHP scripts compiled in ExeOutput can still access remote servers or local ones. It’s even possible to create a server with PHP and sockets. In our primary test for ExeOutput 2, we experimented a console application that acts like a server, waiting for requests. I don’t know if we will put this in ExeOutput 2 or wait a minor release, since we got a lot of delay.

Is their a SETUIProp and GETUIProp or similar method availiable for the MySql auto start and stop controls for the internal database (Exe4PHP / PHP Settings / MySQL Support / section 3); to allow an option for connection to external MySql DataBase ? or is their another way of starting the internal MySql server other than ticking the “Start and Stop the MySQL server Automatically” before compiling ?

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Mysql manualy started,
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