Contents from outside file to fill blanks in .exe

I am looking to pull names and other information from an outside file(the .exe has already been created) and fill the blanks on my first page. Is there any way to do this?

Yes, you can use HEScript to load data from an external file (like a text file) and display it into the HTML page (for instance with global variables).
Are you familiar with scripting? Where would your external file be located: in the same folder as the EXE, in a subfolder?

yes they would be place in the same folder as the .exe

I have a table on the first page with customer information such as name, model, VIN, and sales order. I would like to pull the information from file(text, xls…etc). Is this a good idea? is there a better way?

I would also be using this concept on other pages of the HTML. Taking serial numbers and posting them on the correct pages.

If there is a way to do this instead of having to compile the whole thing from the start each time

If you want to generate sophisticated content, I suggest that you use PHP and switch to our PHP compiler: ExeOutput for PHP, which is really similar to HTMLExe. See