Correct syntax to sort using Compiled code

Hi, .
Newbie here, I’m trying to compile the vba code i use to sort a macro but it gives an error:

Here’s my code which gives the following error 'Unkown identifier or variable not declared:‘Key1’.

Sub padlock_task(arrInput_data As Variant)

Application.Range(“A2:G1000”).Sort Key1: application.range(“B2”) Order1:xlAscending

End Sub

I notice on the Padlock website it alludes to the fact that excel data can be sorted by compiled code (

Any help appreicated,

Regards, Dave

All function parameters must be specified between parenthesis in compiled VBA code.
Try to paste this into the VBA compiler of XLS Padlock:

Sub padlock_task(Param1)             
Application.ScreenUpdating = False  
Application.Selection.Sort(Application.ActiveSheet.Range["B2"], 00000001)
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Sub