Corrupted Build to use with Activation Kit - SOLVED

I have been using HTML EXE for years. I am on the newest 4.7.1 release.
I can run and register my prior versions buiilt with HTML to EXE and that indicates that my server is correct and running, but the new version of the compiled code is causing issues…

With the newest build, I am getting the attached error messages.
I tried with and without Code Signing
I tried with and Without the IPX compression
I copied-in my product ID number again (no changes as expected)

Then I checked my GUID found in the Application Output tab > Deployment option set and it was not what I have saved.

Once I restored the correct GUID number, then the compiled EXE was able to register with the server again. HAPPINESS!

I suspect that I hit the Generate button in error.

Hope this helps someone else.


Thank you for your hint!