Could not attach to Excel Process

Anyone ever see this? I built my .EXE on a Windows XP system, and it installs and runs fine on XP and Windows 7 systems. It installs fine on Windows 10 Pro System, but when invoked, it begins to run with my splash screen being displayed, but I ultimately get the following run-time error:

“Could not attach to Excel process. You are probably using a third-party antivirus or security software that prevents this operation: please disable it and relaunch this program. Cannot continue.”

I’ve disabled my firewall, and have Excel 9. Excel 2010, and Excel 2016 running on this system. After this first invocation and error, on subsequent invocations, I get my splash screen and then the .EXE just dies.

Which version of XLS Padlock do you use?

Version 1.4.0. I purchased it back on 6/16/2014.

It’s rather an old version. A lot of changes happened in Windows 10 and Excel since 2014. You should consider upgrading to XLS Padlock 2018.

OK, thanks. How much is the upgrade price? Will the upgrade still support Office 2000 Excel?

There is always a discount for upgrades. Check the My Account page here to get it.
We don’t test recent releases of XLS Padlock with Office 2000 anymore, but that does not mean it won’t work on that version. Anyway, you can still keep your old version of XLS Padlock on your XP and install XLS Padlock 2018 on your Windows 10. It’s allowed by the EULA.