"Could not create output directory" error after upgrade to 3.0.4

I was using 3.0.3. I just installed 3.0.4 and ran the same command line I just ran 5 minutes ago under 3.0.3. It includes this option:


When I run this, I get a “Compilation Error” dialog: Could not create output directory ““c:\test””. When I click OK on that I get a second error dialog: “…Please contact the support team with the following description: Invalid characters in path”

If I take the quotes off, it works:

However, if my /outfname has quotes

I also get an “Invalid characters in path” error dialog for that.

Actually, the problem is with quotes.

From help at http://www.installpackbuilder.com/help/command-line-builder

Do not use quotation marks if your value does not contain spaces.

/log:"D:\Output Folder\CLog.rtf" is correct
/log:"D:\OutputFolder\CLog.rtf" is wrong
/log:D:\OutputFolder\CLog.rtf is correct

This is a breaking change in 3.0.4. 3.0.3 did not have this note in the docs, and accepted the quotes just fine.

What is the reason for this change? It would be better to go back to the old way (which is consistent with how other software works) and accept the quotes regardless.

I can’t use 3.0.4 because I am calling it from automated build scripts where the file/directory name is inserted into the command line using a variable. Sometimes the name will have spaces, sometimes it won’t, so I need a command line syntax that will work either way.

Indeed. The new command-line parser works this way, but I’ll see whether we can improve that.

Thank you for looking into it.