Crashes after Start:Error setting path "rfsendto" [SOLVED]

I did a fresh/new Installation of HTML Executable 4.5.3

But after Starting the Programm Error occurs: Error setting path “rfsendto”

Any Solutions ?

-Stand Alone PC
-No Firewalls , Antivirus programs which could be blocking .

Strange error, that we could not reproduce on Windows XP SP3.
SendTo means the path to the “Send to” Windows menu folder. Does it exist on your system? Did you remove it?
What is your current user language and locale?

Hello ,

Im from Germany ,

so user language and locale is German.

All directorys are standard.

What is the path to your “Send to” Windows menu folder?

Problem solved

Seems to be a permission Problem within the Sendto folder

I reset the user rights of this folder , deleted the folder -> than recreated the folder

Now the Pogramm is starting without these Problem.

Thanks to the Support for leading me in the right direction.

I dont know why the user rights settings were wrong,or what was the cause of it.

Great, thanks for the info.