Create a file with installation destination path


I am in process of evaluating the software and I am trying to create a simple text file at the end that will contain the absolute installation path of one of the components.

Let’s say the project has 3 components:
Component 1
Component 2
Component 3

The user can specify where each component is installed.

After the installation, I want to create a file called LinkWindows and in it, I want to write the absolute installation path of Component 3 if it was installed by the user. I know that I can use the %DESTPATH% variable, but how will the installer know which of the 3 component destination paths to use? They all have %DESTPATH% variable, don’t they?

Your help is much appreciated. Thank you!

Components don’'t have custom destinations, you must set the custom destination for each file (you can of course set the destination for multiple selected files at once). So in your case, just define three destination path variables, each one for each component and then use the write text file custom action to write the three destination path variables.

I managed to figure it out and to get it all working.
Thank you!

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