Create a Trial Application / Protection for your application

ExeOutput for PHP currently doesn’t have any trial tools.
I have a temporary solution for anyone interested that has both HTML EXE as well as ExeOutput for PHP.

1 : Create your exeoutput as normal.
2 : Using html exe, add the code below to your “UserMain” script.

procedure OnStartMainWindow;
var MyProgram: String;
MyProgram := UnpackTemporaryResource("RaffleNumberGenerator.exe");
RunAProgram(MyProgram, "", ExtractFilePath(MyProgram), false, SW_SHOWNORMAL);
StartTimer("", 15000); 

function OnTimer(TimerName: String): Boolean;
Result := False;

3 : Be sure to include the exeoutput file in the root folder for your html exe package. In the code above, replace “RaffleNumberGenerator.exe” with the file-name of your own exeoutput file.
4 : Under “Security” - “Restricted Publication Tools”, configure the “Default” certificate to “This certificate should expire after” your own choice.
5 : For the other certificate, configure & using the “Activation Properties” tab, select the "Use hardware-locked registration keys"
6 : Build your html exe application.
7 : Use Paquet Builder to create an installer for the resulting html exe file if required.

NOTE : This will produce an html exe file that when run on the clients computer will temporarily unpack the exeoutput application & run as normal. The html exe “loader” will then close after the defined time as set in the html exe “UserMain” script. In the example above, I have set this to be 15 seconds (15000). If your exeoutput application takes longer to load, then increase this time, otherwise the exeoutput application will also close at the same time as the html exe “loader” due to the exeoutput application not being fully loaded.

The html exe file takes care of the trial feature.
OPTION : If you don’t want the html exe “loader” to appear on screen, then in html exe under “Application Settings” - “Tray Icon”, select “Enable Tray Icon” & "Show Minimized on Start"
Here is a sample :

It will run 5 times only unless the client registers.