Create trial without activation key

I would like to create a 14 day trial version of my workbook which doesn’t require an activation key. It seems I have to generate a key to create a trial. Can anyone help.

By default, the program requires an activation key. It’s however possible for you to create a generic key with a trial day period. Then, you publish this key on your website with the EXE file for others to download and try. Your users can then use the key to activate their trial period.
Moreover, you could even use our new online activation feature: the EXE can retrieve the activation key automatically from your web server, without having to prompt users for a key. This can be useful if you want to know how many customers try your workbook for instance.
For the next update, we’ll add the ability to pass an activation key silently and directly to the EXE file, so that it is transparent for your users.