Creating .exe file using wordpress multisite enabled

I’ve created a wordpress website that is a multisite enabled. when i created it as an exe file and navigate to my other site, it gives an error of “Navigation Error”. I search it in the web for solution, unfortunately i didn’t find any. Is Exeoutput for PHP capable for a Wordpress with Multisite enabled?

when i checked “Enable custome router handle in HEScript” and “Reroute all non-files request such as directories to the homepage” nothing is displayed or give and error of “Navigation Error” except for the index.php. can anyone help me about this?

The sole possibility would be using the “different subfolders” option to host the different sites. Is it the case for your project?
The major drawback is that ExeOutput does not handle different domain names nor .htaccess.

No, I just activated the multisite in wordpress in wp_config.php. Since I’m just using localhost it only uses subdomain as per Wordpress Instructions. Adding and Editing the codes inside the wp_config and .htaccess to navigate the different subdomains

Try to open Developer Tools (option in ExeOutput) to check the Network tab. Thus, you’ll see which navigation URL is returned by WordPress.

okay, will do that. I’ll will give and update soon :grin: