Cross Site Scripting in ExeOutput

Hello, I have a quick question. In another platform I used to use (Titanium) they had turned off the built in security features for cross site scripting so that you could use javascript/ajax to access data from remote pages. Is this also the case with exeoutput? There is no reason to have these security features active in the exeoutput browser because we’re using it to create programs, not for people to browse random sites.

If these features are active I would recommend disabling them so that we can access our remote servers via our client-side scripting languages.


AFAIR it is disabled. I’ve added your suggestion to the TODO list, so we can add a switch to enable/disable it.

I previously posted a suggestion to deactivate cross site scripting restrictions for added javascript/ajax functionality across domains. I am posting this so that iFrame access is included with that so that I can load a domain into an iframe and run javascript against the external site via the iframe. This is also a feature included in titanium desktop (now named tidesdk and tidekit).

Thank you.

Added to the TODO list too.

What is the situation of this issue? I am interested by your product, but I need to use iframe with an external src address.

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