Curl error Time out

Have you came across the following error ?.Got this today. Do you know of a timeout setting on the app or is this woocommerce related ? See the error its when it validate the license

Seems more like a server not responding.

Support it doesnt happen every time which makes me think its settings related. Every 1 out 4 fails

Found this seems it is a permalink thats not set …cannot find it

So scared. Which server is this issue relevant to? Golfer65’s one, XLSPadlock’s or someone else’s?

PhuongM I have send this to my hosting company await a response from them they said they will investigate. I have not solved this…it works intermittently.I will report back as this error is widely common on wordpress. Cant be speed related getting a 98% rating on pingdom for my site


Can I please ask you on your demo store…can you inform me your permalinks under settings which did you use ? I use post name (/%postname%/) or category and name (/%category%/%postname%/).

My hosting company said there is no errors they pick up this is the app and wordpress related issue

Support sorry not the product the standard one above. My product permalinks are also on the default but the permalinks on your post above have quite an influence -you can even explicitly add the rest API into your permalinks under custom but you need to know the rest path

Solved it on my own !!! Make sure you DONT use Googles DNS on any of your network cards as your primary and rather use Open DNS . 100% a DNS related error

Change your DNS to open DNS then

ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /registerdns

You will not see this error again so make sure you DONT use Googles DNS’se on xlspadlock woocommerce stores as you may be prone to this intermittent error. This ALSO apply to your clients using your software so make sure they DONT use Google DNS…they more likely will run into this error too


That’s an interesting discovering. We wouldn’t have thought about that. Thanks for sharing!