cURL option CURLOPT_ENCODING not working (SOLVED)


CURLOPT_ENCODING not working in exeoutput ? Bug ? How its working ?
size_download or download_content_length is the uncompressed size.
The external webserver supports compression.

curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_ENCODING, “gzip”);



Is your downloaded content correct? I’m not sure that it could be a bug of ExeOutput itself.


i will send you an email with the sample files
then you can check the code with and without exeoutput
i am using version 1.3.0

[email protected] is the correct address ?


The content is correct but the incomming stream is not compressed on my development-pc (W7 64).
I have tested the executable on other PCs (XP,Vista,W7) where compression works correct.
Do you know a cause of the problem? Firewall ? IE version ?


i have solved the problem, content filtering was enabled in the firewall.

Thank you for the follow-up.