Custom Action to delete Auto-saved file

I use XLS Padlock and I use the “save file automatically” setting. I want to delete the auto-saved file during set-up of an update, so that the new file displays instead of the old one.

Can I use the custom action feature in Paquet Builder to do this?

If so, after which event should I insert the file deletion?

Also, if I use a wildcard for the deletion (since I don’t necessarily know which previous version of my spreadsheet is currently on the user’s computer), can the user choose which file to delete? I previously used allowed saving of multiple copies of the .xlsc file on their computer. I don’t want to delete all of them, just any that were auto-saved.

Could I set up the uninstall to automatically delete the auto-saved file?

Yes, you can. If you use the uninstaller, you should add it after the file removal event.

There is no prompt. If you use a wildcard, be cautious.