Custom command execution silently fails

As part of my evaluation of Paquet Builder, I have added a task to run a service creation utility, nssm (the non-sucking service installer). This succeeds on my local machine, but fails silently on all other machines we have tested the installer on (with a variety of user accounts on these other machines; local admins, domain admins, etc).

In that vein, I have selected the “Request elevated right (User Account Control)” option of “Require Administrator”, so my expectation is that any custom command that Paquet emits will be “as an administrator”.

Is that not the case? If not, what is the permissions context from within Custom commands are executed in Paquet Builder? Do they somehow lack the “administrator” context that the installer launches within?

It depends on what is configured in the manifest of the nssm EXE you are trying to run. Is it configured as AsInvoker?
And which custom action are you using to run the nssm program file?