Custom icon for the saved .xlsc file

Is it possible that when you save the file from an XLS protected workbook that the .xlsc file icon can be customized… and two if possible be associated with the workbook that saved it? I think most importantly to have the custom icon for the saved file would be nice as the current .xlsc file is only a white icon and not associated to any programme.

Does anybody out there know if there is a way to change this or have a solution?

You must use a software installer such as Paquet Builder and create a Setup program that would associate .XLSC files with your application.

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Hi Support,

Is this still current? Do we need a software installer to create an icon for the .xlsc file?

I totally agree with gweilo_2, the white icon doesn’t look nice.


Yes, still necessary to use an installer.
You have a full tutorial for Paquet Builder here:

Hi Support,
Is it necessary to buy the Paquet Builder, or the free license will work as well?

Custom actions are required so yes you must use the full version, the free won’t let you use custom actions.
The Personal edition is enough to support custom actions.

We use ‘Inno Setup’ program for our installer.
Would you happen to know what string we would need to add it to the registry?


Search for file associations for Inno Setup. There should be some examples. Or you can look at - registry keys are shown.