Custom key generator (script issues)


I am not getting reply for my e-mail. Please reply here or e-mail me.

I would like to get sample script to control hardware-locked keys.


In the menu > Security > Advanced options > Use a costum script (advanced users only),

I would like to have a sample of script to get CPU and ID info so I can study and modify it to get a shorter registration key.

Also, as many users confuse l and 1, I need to have the software ignore this characters.

For these and other reasons, I really need a sample of the script.


Create a text file and insert HEScript code in it similar to this:

function GenerateUserCode(name, data1, data2, pubid, systid: String): String;
 Result := "KEYHERE";

Your ebook (and HTML Executable) will compile this code, and call the GenerateUserCode function. Feel free to modify it.
systid contains the system ID or blank (if hardware-keys are not enabled in the publication).

I only need a 4 digit registration key, instead of 20 digits.

Could you please show how to achive it in the script above ?

Only digits or alpha numerics?

A part the code.

For eg.:



I wanna get:



function GenerateUserCode(name, data1, data2, pubid, systid: String): String;
 S1: String;
 SA := MD5OfAString(name + data1 + data2 + pubid + systid);
 Result := Copy(SA, 4, 4); // Replace 4 by the number of characters you want.

Ok. No error while saving the script, but while compiling the software I have the error message below.

Unknown method or routine. "costumeruniqueID"
Source position 355,33

Could you please test this code in your software ?

Also, it would be good if I could have the full sintaxe library of this language.

Please help.

I still waiting for this solution and a really need it.

Unfortunately, there was a confusion. The custom script is only for generating custom system IDs. In other words, there is no way to have a custom key generator in the current release.
We’ll add this feature to next release.

Below is the option I want to use.

Is it not available yet ?

As you can see, this custom script is for generating unique system IDs, not registration keys.