Customer keeps hanging in "loading application, please wait" step


A customer of mine cannot run a publication I made with HTMLexe and which is activated through He keeps hanging in the above mentioned program notification. I have no idea what this issue is about and I haven’t seen this issue before with several hundreds of customers.

Any idea what the issue could be?

Customer has the following system setup:

  • Windows 10 as OS, i5 processor 3,2 Ghz, 16Gb RAM
  • Firewall: Eset NOD (doesn’t block the publication, even after switching it off)
  • Edge installed

Thank you!

And what about the antivirus software (or any other security software)?

Eset NOD is the AV software my customer uses but he also says that the AV software doesn’t have any issues with the publication.

Any other ideas?


Has he tried to disable or whitelist the EXE file?

As mentioned before, there was no need to whitelist the exe file as it wasn’t blacklisted by Eset NOD.

It’s not because an application is not detected by an antivirus that it will still work. Some antivirus programs hook Windows APIs and can interfere with the virtualization engine used in HTMLEXE. Even though they won’t display any warning.

Okay, understand. And what can I do to double-check that? Thanks.

Yourself and us can’t do much more. Some antivirus programs are too much aggressive or misconfigured.

Ok, thanks.