.DAT file location

Where the DAT file is stored after saving in version 2017?
I would like to be able to delete this file sometimes, without having to change the default settings in the new version.


Continuing the discussion from XLS Padlock 2017.0 available - November 25th, 2017:

Sure, you can also decide to keep the old .DAT (and .eula) behavior:

Let me try again: The new behavior is very good. I don’t want to see the .DAT file after saving!
But how I can prevent the compiled app from showing the “Choose save…” window?
It’s not enough if I delete the .xlsc file alone.
So I wonder where the .DAT file is located to delete it as well. Is it a hidden file now in some directory?


Not hidden folder, we store in the usual AppData folder:
C:\Users\LOGINNAME\AppData\Roaming\XLSPadlock\UserApplication\ followed by the Application GUID defined in your XLS Padlock project.