Deactivate License Manually

How can deactivate license that i sent to my client that need to change the PC

It’s not possible yet to deactivate a license, but to change a key with a new one. Explained here: EXE Command-line switches

Please this line not cleared, so please can you clarify what I can do with example

Just provide a new key to your customer. Are you using offline keys or online activation?

The client use offline key

Ask your client to run the EXE file with the shortcut “WIN+R” and the -enterkey parameter.
Something like:
“C:\Path\MYWORKBOOK.EXE” -enterkey

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Many thanks,
I will try it then feedback you sooner

I Checked this option , i did replace for the old serial with new expiry date,
But once add old serial for the old application on the same device, everything back as it was and the application open forever, and this is the big problem for me,
So i need something will make the open version from the current application on the client will be expiry , so please help me , it’s big problem.