Deactivate (SOLVED)

Is there any way that I can create a small single page .exe that can call up the “Run” command so that the user can deactivate his ebook exe. using this small single page exe, the new versions of window like vista and 7 the “Run” command is hidden and not easy accessible.

Scenario - Ive send a compiled version to a customer, he now longer wants the ebook and wants his money back, so Ive compiled the book with the deactivation option, but the customer cant seem to find the “Run” command under windows 7 and can not supply me the deactivation code untill he is able to activate the “Run” command. Does this make any sense.


You can pass the link, below, on to your customer or create and email him a REG file that will do the same thing.

Create a REG file, show_run.reg, with notepad or a simple text editor with the following. Do NOT use Word or WordPad.

**Note: **It will be immediate if the user does it himself from the link. If he double clicks on the REG file, preferably, he will need to logoff and log back on to see the run command or he can stop the process, Explorer.exe and restart it from the Task Manager. Logging off would be easier.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00  


Hope this helps.

Just for information: it is possible for you to add a “Deactivate” menu to your ebook:

Thanx this will solve the problem, I am still using HTML Executable 3.6 but will soon upgrade to 4.2.

Is it at all possible to write code in HTML exe 3.6 do to the same as the picture above, to add a deactivate program menu to say the help menu?

Hi Tom and kind Modifier.
Thank you very much for the thorough instructions to solve the Problem

No, you can’t write code in HTML Executable 3.6 because some internal functions were added in HTMLExe 4 with the goal to offer this new menu feature.

Thank you for the response, I will upgrade very soon.