Deactivating an ebook

  1. When I select “Enable deactivation for this certificate” and save the project, I open the “Register 1” certificate again and the box is no longer checked. Shouldn’t the box still be checked?

  2. I created a certificate for an ebook that allows me to deactivate it. I tested this and put a block on the user which is me as Jane Doe in the Users list . However, when I go to open my ebook, it still allows me to open it. That should not be the case right?

  3. If a user has already received a copy of the ebook with a certificate that does not have the “enable deactivation selected”, will I be able to deactivate his ebook after I put a check in the box for enable deactivation selected?

  1. Deactivation is only available if you have the Commercial edition of HTML Executable. If you have the Pro edition, the box will be automatically unchecked.

  2. The Key Blacklist feature stores blacklisted keys in the EXE, so you need to rebuild the EXE and deploy your new EXE to customers. Of course, this feature is interesting only for blocking some users from using future versions of your ebooks. Or you should switch to “Validation” (but this requires a permanent Internet connection).

  3. No, you can only deactivate certificates that are enabled for deactivation.