Deactivation Properties inquiry

Dear Sir,

I am using HTML Executable 4.5.1 and making a restricted publication(IE) as follows;

Create a restricted publication
Default -> Do not allow access to the publication without prior registration
Registered -> Activation Properties = Use hardware-locked registration keys.
Advanced Options = Use CPU id and info.

I think that an end user may reinstall his Windows system (without losing the publication stored in D: drive)
He must register the publication again when he runs the publication.

In this case, I just want to make the end-user to find and reuse original registration number which has once sent by e-mail.
Then, do I have to check-off “Do not allow the end user to install his registration key agin on the same PC” of the Deactivation Properties?
In the default setting, this option is check-on

Should I checked-off all options of Deactivation Properties? (1.Enable Deactivation for this certificate, 2.Add "Deactivate this program~,
3. Do not allow ~ 4. Automated deactivation~)


Seonghun Lim

The option “Do not allow the end user to install his registration key again on the same PC” will only work if your customer deactivates the publication himself. If he wants to reinstall his Windows system, the publication won’t refuse his key, even if he activated once before.