Debugger detected - please disable it and restart the application

Hi all,

I was recently forced to upgrade my MacBook as my old Air was dying. So I now have a shiny new 2021 MacBook Pro M1 Pro. But I still use a lot of Windows based applications, Pacquet Builder being one of them. And rather than keep remoting into a Windows desktop and transferring MBs of files back and forth, I have installed Parallels Deskstop and installed a Windows 11 VM.

I have installed Paquet Builder but when trying to run it, I get the below error and PB will not run.


Any ideas/help will be much appreciated! Thanks.

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Which version of Paquet Builder did you install?


It would have been the latest from the website at the time. v21.0.0.0


Hi, is there any update to this? Any tests I can run to help debug?

Good news. We have a specific build for you to try. If you are OK, please reach me by PM.