Decrypt xlsc and vba project

Is there a way to decrypt a xlsc files so that the vba project is still available? Essentially decrypt back to a fully functional excel workbook.

You can use the “Decrypt Save” feature of XLS Padlock (the button is available on the XLS Padlock’s ribbon). Then, you’ll get the plain workbook. However, VBA code that was compiled with our VBA compiler cannot be restored (of course). The same for formulas.
The “Decrypt Save” feature is useful to get data entered by customers who would send you their save for instance.

I used the “Decrypt Save” and when I try to open the VBA Project I get “Project is unviewable”

I did not use VBA compile or Formula Compile function, only VBA project lock simple

Yes that is exactly what I am doing, updating a workbook with new customer data

Thank you

Yes, “locking VBA project” modifies the workbook file directly and you cannot reverse the “Project is unviewable” error. Do not enable that option, and use the second one “Do not allow access to the VBE”.

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That works, thank you