DefLocale not working

I tried to set the deflocale parameter in the rendering engine to set the default language in Italian indicating “it” but it remains in English how should I proceed?

Which version of ExeOutput are you using?

last 2021.0

Strange because “it.pak” is correctly available. Which part of the engine is not translated? Can you take a screenshot?

everything is not translated, the same site that is integrated into the application in the browser appears in Italian, in the app in English

Yes, but there are different parts in the app: the browser, the menu, buttons… To localize GUI items in ExeOutput, you must use the Application Settings / Language page. The deflocale parameter in rendering engine will only translate some HTML elements such as submit buttons, and so on.

I don’t think we understood each other, the html page inserted in the app if opened from the browser is automatically translated, while the app is not

That’s why I asked you to send some screenshots (if you don’t want to post them here, you can send them with PM or our ticket system).

in chrome

in app

Is your application using accept-language HTTP headers sent by the webbrowser to find out about the user locale?
See Accept-Language - HTTP | MDN

it is not a page owned by me and only incorporated in the app, but I think so, otherwise it is not explained how it is translated from the browser and from the app it is not