Desktop and Start Menu Shortcuts


When creating a package installer wanting to have shortcuts placed in the start menu and also on desktop.

When going to the “Create Shortcuts/Shortcuts Editor” area it seems I can either create one for start menu or desktop BUT not both?

If I choose to place on desktop the start menu is empty.

Any way to do both? If so example would be sweet:)

Thanks in advance for help,


Dang this is discouraging. Love the software but getting answers is like kids in my classrooms, mixed results…

Thank you John for the answer via email. Second time you have helped me, much appreciated.

Very simple solution and will touch on in case others have issue:

Using the shortcut editor you will enter “%SHORTCUTPATH%\Some Software.lnk” into the Shortcut Filename field.

Then choose your exe file in the Target Filename field.

This will add a second entry but will appear on the users desktop.

Sadly this will not work on Windows 10. Works fine on Vista, 7 and 8 but not 10.

Everything installs fine but no desktop shortcut is created in Win 10 test.

Hopefully Paquet will work with Win 10 as it is the future. With Microsoft offering the free upgrade it will be a very popular release. June 29th is M day…

Hi Susan
This may seem over-simple, but its what I do. Just make 2 different shortcuts, point one to the desktop and the other to the start menu. This solution works on all versions of Windows.

Sorry for delay in response and thanks @WebWide!

Paquet Builder.
Has anyone encountered this problem before I can not get the shortcuts to install in start menu, could it be a quirk with my operating system?

please look at graphic attached.

That’s strange. Are you using Windows 10? Try to search for recent .LNK files on your OS, to see whether they are created or not.

Thanking you support for getting back to me.
I have a new windows 7 computer I tested it on. The installation worked well and the program does everything but no shortcuts made any where on the machine after searching.
Excepting the three pdf link files, which are where they should be…
I have custom script running before installation to look after an error on installation issues, could it be the problem.? here is a screen shot of the panel

You can try to see if your code works by adding “Show a message” custom actions.

Thanks again for getting back to me, The script in the custom actions in the graphic supplied does work and uses a message script to ask a question, I uploaded the form to let you know that the script runs before installation which may be what throws the installation program in to errors with the shortcuts.
Other than that; I don’t see how or why the shortcut installation fails excepting the links to PDF files?

Could you try to change the destination of your shortcuts temporarily? For instance, create them on the desktop to see if they are created or still not.

Thanking you once again service.
I removed the entry for “Component” in the shortcut scripter from all shortcuts now they all install correctly. I don’t have a mudule selection page showing so I suppose that was causing the error.

Indeed, you found the culprit. :ok_hand: