Different hardware-locked keys in the same publication

I´m publicating an 8-module .exe file. Each module is independent from the others and sold independently. How is it possible to make one hardware-locked key for each module (so I can permit the end-user to acces individual modules while the others remain locked) and a global key (to acess all the modules at the same time)?

It’s possible thanks to certificates. You should create a global registered certificate available in all of your 8 modules (with the same certificate ID) and another registered certificate with a different certificate ID for each module.

Thanks for your reply. I still have a few questions: 1) Should I select the option “add unlock program” for each certificate? 2) What about nag screen at startup? How to configure the security profiles (condition: always; condition: trial mode; condition: registered mode; condition: following certificate active)? 4) In the end, I go to “file properties” and connect the opening file of each module to the correct security profile, right? Please, forgive me for making so many questions and Thanks a lot.

  1. Yes
  2. The nag screen should only be in the Default certificate used for trial. Don’t use it in registered certificates. Stay with Registered mode.
    Security profiles can work with different certificates: just select the two new certificates in your Security Profiles conditions: