Disable Macro Recorder and Disable Alt+F8 Macros menu

Dear @gdgsupport and all,
Is there any way to disable the tiny button at the bottom that when clicked allows users to record macros with the macro recorder?

Also, I discovered that my app still has the keyboard shortcut Alt+F8 that still works. This would allow users to manually run any macros they want to, rather than relying on buttons, or automation and rules in place designed by the author.

Can we disable these or can that be added to next version please?


We didn’t plan to block access to macros running. We’ll see whether this can be implemented in a future release.

Hi @gdgsupport,
If someone clicks Alt+F8, they potentially could run some or all macros at will, this could lead to unwanted results. Please let me know if you have some magic wand that could block this from opening as you did the Alt+F11 keyboard shortcut.

You guys are wonderful!



Send me a private msg I have a method to prevent this which I want to keep private -Send me a msg and I will tell you to prevent this -No need for software modifications from gdgsoft

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See my msg to Dan - this can be done send me a private msg and I will disclose the info