Display Folder Index/File Listing

I’m testing out HTML Exe for potential use by my team but am having some trouble with displaying a directory index/file listing. We deliver a number of reports to clients, many of which we directly link; however, there are occasions where we link to the directory only, like below:

In our current solution, the directory will display as an index (Chrome) or open directly in Windows Explorer (IE); however, I can figure out how to display this content using your app. I’ve tried several different changes and searched the forums to no avail.

I’ve tried different ‘target’ tags provided by your software and looked for ways to avoid using “http://heserver” in the link but rather try to link directly to the temp folder structure, but I’ve had no luck so far. Is this possible functionality? If so, I’d appreciate any insight into what I’m missing.


Which type of HTML Executable publication did you select: SFX, HTML viewer or IE/Webbrowser?

This issue occurred with Webbrowser publication.

I also tried using an SFX, but my corporate security software stops the files from loading correctly.

Then this feature doesn’t exist: you would have to create the index page yourself.