Distributing .exe file

Our VBA code requires selenium basic to be installed. We’re looking to distribute our macro enabled excel file (in .exe) to the end user, and along with it want the end user to also

  1. install ‘selenium basic’
  2. download the latest chromedriver and replace it with the chrome driver in the selenium basic folder
  3. Open another file ‘chrome.vbs’ in the selenium basic folder and perform an update when the prompt asks
  4. Lastly, we want them to in Region Settings > Region > Additional date & time settings > Change Date,Time > Administrative > Change System Locale> Enable Unicode UTF-8.

Since these are all requirments for our macro to work.

Let us know how we can achieve this, Thanks!

Just to clarify, we mean we want to automate the 4 tasks for the end user through just one installer file when we distribute our workbook through xls padlock.

XLS Padlock won’t be able to do that. You need an installer software such as Paquet Builder https://www.installpackbuilder.com

Can PaquetBuilder handle all the four tasks I’ve mentioned above?

thanks for the awesome information.