<div onclick="$('div#content').load('ghe://heserver/office/a.html')"> NOT WORKING

Continuing the discussion from Onclick="$(‘div#content’).load(‘a.html’)" not working with WEBKIT:

it is working fine with TRIDENT but not with CHROMIUM even i have defined the paths

give me some example " also some light on how to use ajax with this "

and my boss would be convinced to buy two licence for the software

AJAX is not working in all cases in Chromium. It’s a known problem and explained in the General Demo of ExeOutput. You can take a look at it, it shows you a workaround.
Your goal is to load data from a.html and replace the contents of a div with that data? You could load data from a.html with PHP code, store it in a global variable and retrieve it with JavaScript code (JS function exeoutput.GetGlobalVariable).