Do not allow user copy hyperlink?

What type of publication (IE, HTML Viewer or SFX) have you selected?
For warnings, you should fix them, you can’t hide filenames…

Hi every one, I have an ebook that let user copy content of the ebook.
I have some questions and need your help:

  • How to let user copy only text without link or hyperlink (I don’t want they see or know my link location…)
  • How to change the wannings: File not found:…\example.htm in to File not found: "title of the file"
    Thank you

Sir, I use IE publication.
Pls tell me how to fix the warning and how to hide or disable the hyperlink when user copy (like Ctrl+Shift+F9 in word)
Thank you so much.

The hyperlink copy is not a feature of IE itself, but from Word. If you try to copy and paste your text in Notepad, the link shouldn’t appear. So we can’t prevent this because it is a feature of Word.

For warnings, you have to fix your HTML code, or add the missing file to HTML EXE so that it is compiled.