Don't show any result by searching Unicode word

I am using PHP exe 1.7 since 2010. It works fine, now i want to buy new version PHP 2019, I download trial version to check my requirements fulfill or not. New version works fine but at one point I get an error. I use Zoom Search Engine for searching purpose.

When I make exe file using ExeOutput for PHP 2019 and search for Unicode word it don’t show any result.

But by using the same code when I make exe file by ExeOutput for PHP 1.7 it work fine and shows me result by Unicode word.

Please guide me how can I fix this problem.
Here is the video link of the problem that I am facing.

Thank you.

ExeOutput 1.7 used the Trident engine while ExeOutput 2019 relies on the Chromium engine. Have you checked that the Zoom Search Engine works in Chrome?

Yes! I build both the exe files in Chromium engine, Zoom Searching works fine in Chromium engine for php 1.7.
What if I provide source code, you can check it by yourself?

Please note that searching for any English word is fine in both exe files build with php 1.7 and php 2019 both show result in English but problem is only for searching unicode word in php 2019.

Sure, we’ll check your source code if you provide it to us.

I solved the problem, by enabling “support single case languages e,g asian languages” in zoom search engine setting. Now searching is working in PHP 2019 also for unicode words.