Dotnetfx35 silent install

I have a question. What is the best way to add a silent install of .NET 3.5 to the packet? On Windows 10 .net 3.5 is missing and I am going to add full dotnetfx35.exe to the packet and run cmd instruction dotnetfx35.exe /PASSIVE /QUIET /NORESTART. When .NET 3.5 has been installed earlier this command returns quickly with no output. When .NET is missing it starts a silent installation but I would like to wait for it to finish because a user cannot start my program without it. The installer cannot finish without .NET installed properly.
Could you give me an advice how to do it properly?

You can use a custom action Execute a program and set its property named WaitUntilEnd to true.
You can also pass command-line parameters.
This is the perfect solution for what you want to do.

Thanks for your help. I followed your advice and everything works fine. There is one small flaw. I used wait message form to inform a user what is going on but the form is too small and it only shows 3 first words and the rest of the text is truncated. Is there any solution for that? How to show more text when an operation is pending?

It’s possible to modify the dialog box’s size if you are not afraid of doing some extra work:

In \Paquet Builder\Compiler\DialogBoxes, locate the dlgwait.res file. You can use the great free Resource Hacker tool to modify it. Resource Hacker

ResHacker lets you resize the dialog box and click the Arrow button. Then Save. Recompile your PB package and it should be OK.

Works great, thank’s for help :slight_smile: