Download button in ebook wont work

Inside my html ebook a webpage loads and there is a file download option on that page and the download diolog will not open. It doesnt do anything.

The download button works outside in other browsers.

Is there a setting I need to look for or enable or disable in the configuration of the ebook that will allow that download button to work?

Are you making an IE publication or HTML viewer?

I have made a ebook with a html page that uses embed iframe code full size to pull in a live website (php and flash) that is the only way I could figure out how to link to the live site in the ebook.

There is a download/save button that should let the person download a graphic they make on my site. But clicking the button doesnt prompt the windows browse to save window.

Outside of the ebook the site works fine

Also Is iframing a site the only way to set a url to open in the ebook? Is there a way to set a remote url as a start page for the ebook?

Just create a simple page that uses JavaScript to redirect to your remote URL. Then set this page as the index of your ebook.