Downloading DWG files (SOLVED)

Is there a simple way for users to click a link within my EXEOutput and download a DWG file? Currently, the EXEOutput tries to open the DWG file and errors out. I tried using the _heopenit tag but it must be used for other functions.

Thank you.

Is your DWG file compiled into the application or available for download from a real server on the Internet?

Isn’t the idea of ExeOutput to be able to compile ALL without the need for a “real” server on the net?

Sure, but you know, some customers want their application to download data from real servers and not read it from the compiled EXE itself.

I did find that computers with Microstation or Autocad installed are able to open the DGN/DWG files from ExeOutput
if I use the _heopenit tag in the link. That should work for my purposes.


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