Drop-down items not correctly overlapping other fields

In my Exeoutput version of code, when I drop down some selector controls (like a date picker), instead of fully obscuring the fields on screen which fall under it, the dropped menu is interspersing giving a confusing appearance. In my attached screenshots, slide1 is the correct appearance whilst slide2 comes from the Exeoutput version.

Would appreciate any pointers if anyone has encountered and fixed this before. I’m compiling with Trident engine and my system is windows 7 with IE 9.0.8112.

Thank you

Are you using JQuery UI? If yes, which version?

The version used is jquery-ui-1.7.2.

By default, ExeOutput configures the Trident engine to work with the standard mode of IE.
I’ll try to reproduce the problem with that version of JQuery UI.
In the meanwhile, you can try to activate IE compatibility mode with these options:

I tried this but makes no difference. The problem is more serious than I thought: beyond the overlapping, the date selector is not actually allowing a new date (different from the default) to be picked. You can verify this at your end too.

Do you have the HTML source code for displaying the date picker, or better the HTML code + CSS + JS of the page?

You’ll find all these under the _lib folder of the code I zipped up to you.

I’ve extracted and sent the theme files to your support mail box.

Please upgrade to ExeOutput 1.7 first. And have you the possibility to upgrade your jquery-ui-1.7.2 to the latest jquery UI released?

Here’s what’s been done:

  • had tried with exe1.7 prior to your reply but no difference (with the old JQ)
  • to follow your suggestion above I then (1) replaced the old JQ1.7 themes in use by the app with those of JQ1.9 (Cupertino, Redmond and Smoothness) (2) replaced the jquery.js and jquery-ui.js with v1.9 as well

Still had the same drop-down problem with a few more browser script errors.

I’ve also tried chromium engine with exe1.7: the drop down comes out fine but then once I click a button the whole screen jumps to the left. Since theres already a disclaimer in the app about this engine, there’s be no point exploring it further (who knows what other errors lie beyond?)

I suggest that you move the date picker somewhere below your SELECT fields. It looks like that the webbrowser control provided by Microsoft has some bugs that do not appear in IE itself.