Echo toolbar button names via PHP


Great that you made it work.
The forum removes some JS code not wrapped to avoid XSS attacks.


I am attempting to combine the two methods here. Custom button text and custom URL (opens in default browser).

Not getting far in my tests. Is is even even possible to have custom text and custom URL using the two methids here?


Wrap them how?

Only way I can get to work is us blockquote and this introduces funky characters when copying / pasting. If I wrap using preformatted text, cannot use script tags.


Use the </> button in the message editor.

Sure, it is possible to combine the two methods.


When I use that and include the script tags and click reply, get a popup modal that says 403.



Not just being dumb blonde, best I can tell something changed on the forum. Maybe you should try it?

Here is what I see:


Looks like the forum developers forbid the script text between < > even in code sections. Strange. Hopefully they will fix it in a future update.


No huge issue, just wanted you to know I am not totally crazy;) Can always jsut paste without the script tag.


No, don’t worry, you’re not crazy :wink:



Is it also possible to use the SetUiProp Procedure to change a word from exol language file when displaying in php page ?
Because I don’t catch how to include two differents languages, or more.



Sure, GetString will do it:

SetUiProp("Toolbar1BHome", "Caption",GetString("SMyButtonID"));


This is for Toolbar, but how to obtain the same result in current page content ?
I mean, not only for Toolbar button names but also for any text needed to be displayed translated for user langage (of my software).
Something like:
caption | inner exol file text


ExeOutput’s doc has the answer:


I allready tried that way, but is does’t answer to my needs.
Thank-you anyway !