Editing HTML executable project listed in ProtectEbook

I have successfully integrated my HTML Executable Project into Protect Ebook with Paypal as the seller. Can I still update the project by adding new pages, making editorial changes, and so on? I assume I can, right? I just make the change, recompile, make the changed trial version available, and ProtectEbook doesn’t care as long as I do not change the certificate, is that right? What changes would be so important that I would have to remove the project from Protect Ebook and then re-enter it?

As long as you don’t modify certificates, you are free to modify your HEPX project file. Protect Ebook.net uses your HEPX project file to read certificate details like certificate unique IDs, that’s all. If you modify your certificates, then you have to reenter your project.

So if I added under registered1 “Enable deactivation of certificate” I would have to reenter the project, I conclude, right?

No, only if you change certificate name and ID. Other properties such as validation, deactivation don’t count.