Embedded images


Just trying out XLSPadlock and I’ve found that where I have embedded images into cells they always appear with a #VALUE error once protected. Was wondering if there was a way round this or if I am doing something wrong

Thanks, Rob

Please try enabling this option to see if it helps:

Hi, thanks tried that but still didn’t work. Changed the #VALUE error to a #NAME one.

Happy to try an other ideas. Images that use the hyperlink formula (with a valid URL) work ok. Ideally wanted to embed the images directly into the excel sheet as its easier

Regarding the #NAME-errors you’re encountering: ensure that the cell ranges containing formulas are only locked (protected) for editing but not completely restricted from read access. Sometimes, read-only settings can interfere with the software’s compilation process.
If it still does not work, we would have to know one or more formulas that you are using.(you can post them in a Private Message for privacy reasons).