Encrypted file on server

I want to ask when we insert video link in HTML and upload file on server it works perfectly fine.
But the file I’ve uploaded video on server , that video is not encrypted.( So it’s not safe)
So I tried an idea.
When we encrypt external file
We need to set location of that file like %path%file
So i set location in hardrive in computer. It work perfectly fine.
And next I encrypted video file and uploaded to server and put address in place of %path%
And when ever application run it try to access file on web drive on my website. ( My assumption)
I tried this idea where I encrypted a video file and uploaded to Google drive and the location of that gdrive file put on location of that file (in place of where %path%file is given)
It did not work.

Is it possible or not possible.
If not can you add this feature In next coming update ?

After this update we can upload the large encrypted video file on web and address is given in location of that file and this help to reduce the file side. And files will be safe on web
And also by replacing the file on web with it’s name i can update video file if I want to .
And if possible please add option to set encryption (everytime I encrypt file encryption changes ) but if encryption can be set by option then I can change the content by uploading on web.

Thank you :blush:

The main problem would be streaming, but we should check whether encrypted streaming could be possible. At least, we would have to use our own video player and not the default one in Windows.

If you keep your local video file external and encrypted, is it a problem for you?

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I was just trying this idea if possible or not.
There is no problem at keeping video file external and encrypted.
Everything works perfectly fine in htmlexexutable.