End customer Returns, computer reseting and renewal computer


Until now I was distribute my EXE workbooks with a USB stick, so I didn’t interested if my customer buy a new PC or resets his PC, becuase he has his USB, and if someone want to cancel the purchase, no problem just return the USB and “we are good to go”.

Now I want to start distribute my EXE workbooks with hardware based, and a few Questions comes up.

Situations ( all of them hardware based):

  1. End customer, uses my triel version, and after X day’s dicide to purchase the workbook, two days after purchase and installation, he changed his mind and want to cancel the deal.
    For me its no problam to give his money back, but how can I know if he remove my workbook ?

  2. End customer want to move his EXE workbook from PC1 to PC2, it is legitimate, after all he purchased one workbook/license, how can I let him to be able to do this, how can I know if he remove my workbook from PC1 and i’m giving him a new code activation to PC2 ?

  3. End customer replace his harddisk/macaddress I guess that if he try to load the EXE workbook it false. is there any thing that I can do to verify it ?

Thank you very much!

These situations are currently not handled by our software. You have to trust your customer. In incoming versions, we’ll add deactivation and online validation features so that you can deactivate an existing workbook to transfer it, and validate each time whether the user has still the right to use the workbook through the Internet.

It’s a necessary functions.

Cant wait for the next version.

Thank you.