Enter new activation code (before it expires)

How do I use the new ‘enter new activation code’ feature in 2019.0 ?

I want to be able to send a new permanent activation code ‘before’ their original (temporary) code expires (and not having to wait until it expires to be able to have an ‘enter activation code’ box).

Example: I usually set their original activation code to expire in 60 days in case of returns, then I send them a new ‘permanent’ code after 45 days. I don’t want to have their program expire first.

The command line to run the EXE file must be used: if your EXE is named MYAPP.EXE, press Win+R and type “MYAPP.EXE -enterkey”. That will ask the end user for a new activation key (useful for instance to replace an old key that is going to expire).