Equivalent to muser property but for toolbar buttons -SOLVED

Hi, in the previous thread (now in the howto section) it was mentioned how to enable/disable menu items in real time using hescript functions eg
SetMenuProp(“muser_Mypage1”, “Enabled”, “FALSE”); where Mypage1 is a menu identity, and in this case Mypage1 enabled property is made false, so is disabled / greyed out.

I was wondering if a similar approach can be used to enable/disable toolbar buttons? I couldn’t however find any document. Something like SetToolBarProp(“tuser_Button1”, “Enabled”, “FALSE”); if it doesn;t exist would be a cool addition. If such a function already exists, please could you tell me/us what it is, as I really need the ability to control which toolbar buttons are enabled/disabled at runtime…


Hi again… looking at the documentation I am guessing the function might be SetUIProp() - but I am still unaware what the submitted format is for toolbars. Would it still be muser_{id of control} like in the menus or tuser_{id of control} or something completely different ? Could an example of how to enable/disable toolbar buttons be given ?

Thanks again for any help here.

Think I have found the solution in your other product thread…


eg SetUIProp(“buser_btnSwap”, “Visible”, “True”);

Guessing this is still valid for exeoutput for php ?


SetUIProp(“buser_”+buttonid, “Enabled”, “False”); is exactly what is needed - greys out button, doesn’t make it disappear